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introducing ruby myrtle

Ruby Myrtle 1.jpg

Treasured Grandma,
Travel Enthusiast and
Tremendous storyteller

Born in the Roaring Twenties, Ruby Myrtle was an animated woman whose style and splendour inspirited everyone around her. From spring until her golden years, she held a great love for her treasure trove of gold and gemstones.

On her epic adventures she selected special souvenirs as mementos of her expeditions. Each piece held its own story, shaping a wonderful saga of a life truly lived. 

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Following 25 years of wholesale management, we sought an adventure of our own.

Ruby Myrtle's vibrance and zeal inspired us to bring a bespoke bohemian jewellery range to Australia.

Ruby and Myrtle (2880 × 450 px).png
Ruby and Myrtle (2880 × 450 px).png

Since 2019, Ruby and Myrtle has offered unique jewellery, influenced by rich cultures of countries around the world.

Opening our doors to the public in 2022, the legacy of Ruby Myrtle continues to grow through the stories and memories you now make in our boho jewellery range.
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